Scott and Kellie

Name: Scott and Kellie

When We Met: 15 years ago

Currently Live: Southern California

Occupation: Entrepreneur & Full time Mom

It also only seems appropriate that one of my first TRIBUTES goes to those who gave me my husband, Scott and Kellie. This tribute is for two people because separating them in any way just feels wrong to me. From the moment they came in to my life, 15 years ago, I was more than impressed by their marriage that had lasted for decades.They continually exemplify, “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” Not to say that their lives have been perfect or always easy but that through all of their ups and downs they have held true to their eternal vows to each other. In a world that doesn’t exactly promote long-lasting marriages, it is quite an accomplishment if you ask me! As a team they have figured out life together. Each doing their part to make it work through all the stages of life. Growing, changing, adjusting…. time and time again. With God at the center of their relationship they constantly seek his guidance and pass down his endless love. This year marks 34 years for them and I feel privileged to not only know them but to be their daughter-in-law.


Scott, has to be one of the most patient, diligent, disciplined, hard-working men I’ve ever met. Sure he makes time for fun too but always has provided for his family first. He loves the Lord, his wife, kids/grandkids, and all things sports…. and most of the time in that order too…. haha No, it’s always in that order! Even in the midst of a crazy work week he will never decline a phone call to catch up or grab a quick lunch with one of his kids. A dedicated family man, who so often puts their needs above his own. Loyal and wise, kind and honest.

He also has an incredible sense of humor- yes, at times it can make you feel a little awkward or uncomfortable but he relishes in that specialty. And I promise, your laugh will never be far away. Scott is a good and honorable man… and I am lucky to know him.


Kellie is a woman of the Lord. She is a true servant to her family. I am not sure there is anyone with a more fierce love for her children, and now grandchildren. A mama bear has got nothing on her!!! She will do just about anything she can to help any one of them. She is constantly showing love. She is strong and opinionated when it comes to the convictions of her heart. Stubborn at times, but it’s mostly just because she has your best interest in mind. Because when she loves you she REALLY LOVES YOU!!!! There is no half way…. Always giving, always helping.

She keeps her home, takes care of her parents, loves on her grandchildren. Always serving in some way. It has been a blessing to be taken in by her and feeling that kind of love. Fierce and strong, just like the love from the Lord. I am grateful to have her as my mother-in-law!

Together, they really have made an incredible team. Even now as we are grown adults they never stop giving or supporting us. They have saved us so many times by allowing us to stay in their home/on their property. As our life is always changing and can have a lot of curve balls…. they have been right there to help us out. For that, we could never repay. We are incredibly grateful. You two, make our life very possible!

So here is my TRIBUTE to them. To their incredible marriage, their example in Christ, their hard work and immense amount of love and support.  Thank you, we are blessed by you!

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