And now for our first tribute to someone we have met on the road!!!

Name: Luke

Where We Met: West Yellowstone

Currently Live: Chicago

Occupation: Student/Intern

It’s funny to me how certain people you meet just find a special place in your heart. Over the past couple years of traveling each city seems to bring us at least one of these people- the ones you’ll never forget! We got up to West Yellowstone towards the end of May of 2014 and that meant it was hockey playoff time.  Every night after we were off work we would go to the Slippery Otter to watch the Kings games. Sometimes Jordan would be working and I would sit at his bar cheering our boys on. Slowly but surely we got most of his co-workers to cheer them on too. It was one night when the Kings started the series against the Blackhawks when we met Luke. He was sitting two seats down from me and I noticed that he was watching the game too. We started chatting a little but then he told us he was a Chicago fan!!!! I almost stopped talking to him immediately haha, but he was all alone and it’s always more fun when your rival is sitting next to you! It definitely made the rest of the game especially fun because we beat them!

I’ll always remember that first night meeting Luke. After chatting for a bit in between the game we found out that he had come to West Yellowstone for the summer because he had accepted an internship over at the airport. He told us that he didn’t know anyone here and he was just here to explore and meet people. Umm… that’s pretty freaken brave if you ask me.  We talked a little more and he very humbling stated that he goes to this “one college, I’m not sure if you have heard of it, Purdue.” Haha we never let him live that one down. Purdue!!! Are you kidding of course we have heard of it! But that is the thing about Luke, he is incredibly humble and kind.

From that night on we basically hung out with him any chance we could. The more we got to know him the more we liked him. It’s hard to find a good-hearted, kind, humble, and funny guy these days! He met out us out at the lake several times to drink beer, talk about life and eat fresh caught trout. He would come over to Destiny just to hang out. He is easy to do life with and no conversations were ever forced. Spending time with him was always so natural.

By the time August rolled around he had to go back home to finish his last year of school. We were so sad, like we were losing our little brother!!! I guess we didn’t realize how attached we had become! Over the course of the summer he had truly woven his way into our hearts. Throughout the 12 weeks we spent with him, we slowly got to know more and more about him. He is kind, funny, brave, and humble.

We spent the last week meeting and spending time with his family and his amazing girlfriend. Now we know why Luke turned out to be such an amazing man- he has good roots. A loving, strong family and support system.

It’s rare to meet a good man like him these days and we couldn’t be more grateful for his friendship. And we know that our roads will cross and bring us back together again. So here’s a tribute to you, Luke! We love ya are so happy to have you in our lives.

One thought on “Luke

  1. You guys are the absolute best people I could’ve ever met this past summer! The perfect role models both in your own right and definitely together. I strive to build and maintain a relationship with jessica like the one you two share. It’s truly inspirational. I miss you both a ton and am hoping to come back and visit this summer! I’m jealous of who you guys meet next because I wish it was me! You two were definitely my adopted older brother and sister this summer but now we are truly family! I’m anxious to hear more from your journey! I love you guys!


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