Name: Lisa

Where We Met: In the delivery room

Currently Live: Southern California

Occupation: Vet Tech/ Full Time Mom/ Teacher

It only seems appropriate to start out my Tributes to the one who made me in the first place. I can’t understand a mother’s love yet since I have no child of my own but my mom has shown me so much about it. Not only for her love for me but for all six of her children and I am better because of it. I can’t imagine being her and offering so much of myself to so many very different, individualistic and often stubborn children. I know I, myself, have put her through the ringer and back a few times…. I admire her. She loves hard and fair, sometimes she gives the hard love and asks the tough questions but she never holds back a long hug and the words “I love you.” I am sure there were plenty of times I have broken her heart and been nearly impossible to love but she is persistent in her love and always constant. How could I even grasp this? She shows me a glimpse of my Heavenly Father’s constant pursuing love. And how even when I am so hard to love or so far off the right road… There is a gentle hand to lead me back. She has shown me that I am never too far out of reach or too far gone. Oh, how I have needed that grace and will continually need that grace my whole life long.

You see, my mom is the best mom. I may not have always seen eye to eye or understood the things she has done but I know she has always had my best interest in mind and so often put my needs above her own. Selfless and hardworking always. I am lucky to have a woman like that to aspire to. And for this I am so incredibly grateful.

She teaches me love and grace. She taught me how to work hard for things and to be proud of what I have accomplished. And that no matter how far you come there is always more to learn. She is constantly a student to different things in life, soaking in knowledge and gaining wisdom.

My mom is also an incredible wife. I love to watch and soak up all that she knows. She has taught me how to keep a home and make it a safe haven. And also that life isn’t all about material things but things that last for all eternity. For that, I’ll forever be grateful.

Her love for nature has woven itself deep into my soul. I’ll never look at the ocean or beautiful stream tucked away in the forest without thinking of her and the One who made them. She is strong and brave through all that life has thrown at her and has instilled that into me. She is beautiful inside and out!

If I think about my mom and the woman she is, I can only be proud and I am humbled that The Lord gave me to her. She is one of my greatest blessings and biggest sources of inspiration.

So here’s a tribute to you mamma and all that you are! Thank you for bringing me into this world and loving me so!


2 thoughts on “Lisa

  1. Holy Cow baby how am I supposed to function after reading this! Thank you for the very positive words of love. I am forever grateful for you my first girl child. You have my heart. I am so blessed to call you daughter and friend. XOXOXO


  2. WOW! I’m bursting with thanksgiving for this mom (our phenomenal daughter) & our lovely, teriffic grandaughter… Both your words of love & admiration for each other, and the rest of this family. You both make this ole’ man mighty proud. May His power & grace be ever with you both.


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