Name: Jenna

Where We Met: Lake Arrowhead

Currently Live: So. Cal

Occupation: R.N./Wife and Mom

This week there is only one person on my mind. One that is truly deserving of a TRIBUTE, one that not even I could express into words, but I will try. My SOUL sister, my best friend, my confidant, and my partner through life, Jenna.

The funny thing about it all is that I met her almost 16 years ago…. and we didn’t really get along. Haha, probably because we both can be a little stubborn and have very similar personalities. I don’t know what changed our hearts but after a couple of years it did and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Because now, I can’t imagine my life without her by my side. Once you find one of these forever friends, you never want to let them go.

God has been good to us. It seems so many times the events in our lives happen within a year of the other. Our first boyfriends, our first break ups, the crisis of a sibling, getting our licenses and first cars, college courses, jobs, getting engaged and getting married. All of it has happened to both of us around the same time. We have been able to encourage each other, push each other, and pull each other through each phase of our lives. Even to this day it is the same. Never in my life could I be more grateful for a soul sister who feels me, who knows me, who understands me.

Jenna, she is one of those annoying people who is naturally great at EVERYTHING she does. She always says “oh my gosh I think I failed at this or that,” come to find out she did better than anyone else. Haha but that is never a surprise to me! She is so hard on herself and can be her greatest enemy but the thing about her is that she will always succeed. She is smart, gifted, talented, and she is always growing in knowledge.

She has a heart of gold and has been one of the most dedicated friends I have ever had. It doesn’t matter how busy she is or what is going on in her life…. she is faithful and true. She gives one hundred percent. Generosity flows through her so gracefully. I admire that so much. And I am a blessed recipient of it.

I have watched her over the past 16 years, from the time we had dreams to graduate high school and go to college, to being married and starting families. We had it all figured out. But the funny thing is, our lives definitely did not go as planned. We sit here now all these years later wondering how the heck we got here. We talk of how certain ships have sailed and how new ones have come. I have watched her through it all and I could not be more proud of the woman she has become. Stronger, braver, and even more beautiful through all of the joys and disappointments of life.

She works harder than anyone I know. Working, finishing her nursing degree recently, all the while being an incredible and supportive wife and a loving mother to Mikaila. She selflessly runs her home as a servant to her family, so often putting the needs of them over her own. She gives endlessly and effortlessly. A true example to me and so many others.

She is noble, she is pure, she lives her life upright. If you are lucky enough to know her or be in her life, cherish every minute of it, because people like Jenna don’t come around too often. She is a rare gem, a precious gift. I feel undeserving of a best friend like her, but I will treasure it every day that I am able to. So here is a TRIBUTE to you bestie! Thank you for loving me and being so wonderful.

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