Danny and Abby

Name: Danny and Abby
Where We Met: Kauai, HI
Currently Live: New Mexico
Occupation: Manager of Restaurant/ Server

We met Danny and Abby about six years ago when we first moved to Kauai through some mutual friends. In an instant you could just tell they were good, honest, and kind people. Although we hadn’t spent that much time with them until our second trip back to Kauai we were always very fond of them.

Two years later we moved back to Kauai, Danny reached out to us giving me a job at his hydroponic sprout farm. It was a blessing because we were having trouble getting work right away as Jordan had to be worked into the schedule at the restaurant. Danny would come by every morning and pick me up for work and we would just talk all morning while working. It was then I learned about his humble knowledge of healthy living, his huge heart for people, and his everlasting positive attitude. He is just the kind of guy that you want to be around, the kind you want to talk to.

Two years after this Danny and Abby had moved to New Mexico with their beautiful children and we stopped by their house to say hi on one of our trips across the country. It was here that we were able to spend more time with Abby! She is one of the hardest working, calm, most giving mothers I have ever met. She makes it seem so easy and natural to be a mother. Even though they both have to work full time they are incredible parents. Their kids are smart, funny, kind, not to mention adorable. Abby is also an incredible wife, giving and loving on her husband constantly. (Their relationship has many parallels to mine and Jordan’s, so we always feel a connection there). She handles life with a grace that I completely admire.

Together her and Danny just exemplify love and hospitality in ways I have never experienced before. They have rolled out the red carpet for us, time and time again, creating a safe haven along the ways of the road. And they give so freely…. So selflessly. Spending time with them makes you want to be a better, more loving person. By their gifts we are constantly blessed. It is refreshing to meet people that are not driven by money or monetary things whatsoever. They could care less if they had excess, they value time.

Conversations flow easily as they have similar hearts and passions in life as we do. Every time we leave their house we can only say “wow they are just incredible people.” It has been a true pleasure to spend time with them over the last six weeks of being here in New Mexico. Life with them is awesome.

You learn to treasure these gems along the road because their rare and beautiful gifts in life. To have family along the highways of our life is a great blessing. We are honored to know them and are truly grateful to be a part of their lives. So here’s a TRIBUTE to you Danny and Abby, thank you for your love and friendship!

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