About Us

Ever since we have been together over six years ago, we have talked about living life on the road. We spent the first three years making plans, paying off debt, and purchasing our first motor home. The next two years and half years after that we took our Destiny (1988 Toyota Dolphin) across the country and back a few times exploring 16 states, 9 National Parks, and meeting amazing people. In November of 2014, we learned that the transmission was going out in poor Destiny but we knew we weren’t done with this mobile and minimalist lifestyle. So with heavy hearts we parked Destiny and found ourselves Odessa, a 28 foot Class C Thor Four Winds. We spent a month remodeling and now we are back on the road.

We travel from town to town picking up seasonal positions all across America. We are LIVING life one day at a time exploring nature and people from every path of life.


Jordan is the dreamer behind most of our operations. His bleeding heart for every person he meets and his absolute love for nature is our driving force. His love for fishing, photography and music keep him busy through all our travels.

I, Jules, try my best to document everything that we do through writing and some snapshots of the journey. I am by nature, a planner and an organizer, so I am never without things to do as our life is constantly shifting. Witnessing my Creator and all his creations firsthand keep me excited and full of joy through our travels.

Our life is a little unconventional but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. It takes guts and mostly a whole lot of FAITH! We learn daily to trust in the Lord and look to Him to lead us down whatever path He calls us to! We are blessed to do what we do and couldn’t be more grateful for all those who help and love along the way!!!



(Everything in blue we have had the privilege of seeing! Can’t wait for the last 7!!!)

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