Exploring the keys

Finally! We have a day off together and we are picking up the rental car so we figured we would venture our way further down the keys. It’s really quite crazy that over the span of 113 miles there are 42 bridges that connect a bunch of coral and limestone islands together. You’re just there driving in the middle the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The weirdest is part is that right along the overseas highway and there are power poles submerged in the water with the wires hanging there right along side of you. It just seems wrong. 

We enjoyed a great meal at a cool ocean front restaurant that had a pool for patrons to enjoy while eating there. I gotta say that was a first for me! I’ve only seen that at hotels but this was just a restaurant. The color of the water here is unbelievable. Just that crystal clear turquoise color. After we were finished eating we walked along their pier and watched all the amazing sea creatures. It’s crazy down here, the water is so alive. 

From there we went to Sombrero beach. It’s one of the only actual beaches in the keys. So many of these islands just have sea walls. Even this beach was only about 20 feet of sand, nothing like the beaches in Kauai. But we were grateful for the sun and the time to just decompress as we listened to the ocean waves. 

After that we met up with a co worker who lives on a boat nearby and hung out with her and her husband for a little bit! It was awesome. Kind of like a floating motorhome! 

It was a much needed day of rest and the furthest Jordan’s been away from Fiesta Key in two months!!!! So crazy that he hasn’t left since we first arrived. (I snuck away to the grocery store a couple of times while he was working.)

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