Mustache Jim

It was our third week in the Keys and Jordan and I had just got off work and were eating dinner and hanging out on our patio. A lot of the snow bird crowd goes to bed pretty early so we never really see anyone in the evening.

But this night, it was a different night. We were just talking about our days when we saw a golf cart driving through the Rv park, headed straight for us… then it slowly creeped into our campsite. Jordan and I look at each other in slight confusion, then we looked back over to the golf cart trying to see through the headlights to see who it could be. We didn’t really know anyone yet. Then they clicked off and we hear, the soon to be infamous…

“Heyyyyyy…!” It was in a loud voice but not quite yelling. Then an older man stepped out and quickly introduced himself as Jim. Over the next couple hours we hung out, talked and got to know each other. We had no idea it would be the start of a great friendship and many late night laughs.

And yes, he does have a mustache… and there are 1000 Jim’s here at the Rv park, so from now on he will be Mustache Jim from Canada!

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