Time to put your money where your mouth is!


(Thursday, January 18th 2017)

Or maybe it’s more like- time to practice what you preach! We continually talk about living by faith and taking open doors when we they find us…so I guess we are going to do just that! Taking one big giant leap of faith and hoping that (whether a positive or negative experience) we will gain something from it.

So here’s what happened… barely 24 hours ago Jordan went into the bar and grill at the RV park we were staying at to ask if they needed help and a half hour later he walked away with a serving job. No application, no resume in hand, all while wearing board shorts and flip flops. The manager said he would call in a couple of days to let him know when to start.

Jordan and I woke up this morning trying to figure out a game plan. We had to check out of the RV park in an hour, had another reservation 14 miles down the road for one more night but after that didn’t have a place to stay in the Keys. It’s so expensive down here that we decided that we better get moving. But then there was this opportunity of a job and a way to cover rent. We had already saved enough money for bills and food from this summer. We went through all the pros and cons, weighing our options and how much we were willing to risk. We figured by the end of our conversation that we would give the manager three days to call Jordan back. If we didn’t hear from him than maybe it wasn’t meant to be, or if Jordan couldn’t start work soon, then it wouldn’t be worth it. So, we packed up Dessa and were loading everything up to head to our other campsite and then the phone rang. Jordan needed to be at work at 3pm TODAY to get trained!


Wait……. Umm… what?!?

Yesterday, we were planning our adventures back West while secretly wishing to stay here in the sunshine.

This morning we were unsure of what the heck to do.

As of 12pm, we are officially staying until the end of March.

It’s still a risk, like a big one. We have no idea how much money Jordan will make or how much he will work. And rent is EXPENSIVE here….. so we forked up some of our savings praying that this will all work out. Haha!!! Sometimes you just have to GO FOR IT! We figured, if anything at all we would get the opportunity to stay in the sunshine a little longer and Jordan could get some good fishing in. And maybe (worst case) lose some money, but that can be replenished. In the best case scenario, we meet some more amazing people to add to our life, we make connections for future winters (our dry season), and we make enough to cover rent! It’s crazy, I know, you don’t have to tell me. But what is life without a little crazy and a whole ‘lotta faith?!

The only question I have left is…. Who wants to come visit us in the Keys?







2 thoughts on “Time to put your money where your mouth is!

  1. You guys are so amazing. Taking risks is “Really” Living!!
    All we got is this current moment right? Trust God and the
    Angels. It’s nice to be free isn’t it? I love feeling free to be me.
    We love you kids,
    Gram and Grampa John


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