Florida Keys- The Beginning

After being in the Everglades we just knew we had to go to the Keys! We were this close….. the prices for RV parks weren’t exactly in our budget but we have never had an opportunity like this before, so we decided just to do it!!! We weren’t sure if or when we will be able to come back, so why not just go now! We are more than capable of picking up the extra shift later (this summer) to make up for the extra cost of three days here on the islands.

So we went on a whim….. we have desperately been craving some “island days,” like we had on Kauai. Just us and the sea. Salt water, calm breeze and no worries. Not that our year was bad at all, but we just craved rest, the kind that reached the soul. I have a personal saying (not scientific at all), “Sun and salt water cures all.” Not sure if it’s just us, but there is very, very little that these two cannot fix, heal or soothe. Our last year was the busiest that we have had in the past 5 years, so we really just wanted a little nature and a little quiet time even if it meant a little extra money.

And let me just tell you it was worth it!!! We drove down the 100 mile road (only making it 30miles), that crosses over the Atlantic/Gulf into the Keys and our hearts started to burst. Jordan instantly blasted the Beach Boys and started singing  and dancing to that song…..come on you know the song…”Kokomo”

“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take ya
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go, Jamaica
Off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo
That’s where you want to go to get away from it all
Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand
We’ll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band
Down in Kokomo”
Honestly, if that was all that was ever to come out of this trip than it would be more than worth it. Seeing my man swinging and swaying to the rhythm could knock me off my feet any day…….But let’s just say things got sweeter by the day here in the keys! Stay posted for more!


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