10 Days on the Road with your Best Girl: Part Two


After leaving Seattle we were all definitely ready for some nature and exploring outside of the city. Don’t get me wrong cities are fun, but for us we can only take a 3-4 day stretch before we really feel like we need to get out. (Especially since we have spent that past 6 months in Montana and the woods) We so appreciated our hosts and all of our experiences there, but we are definitely ready to go find us some trees and that beautiful Pacific Northwest Coast.


We gained an extra traveler as we departed. Our friend Flush (Brian) had a birthday coming up and we wanted to celebrate with him so we he followed us behind Dessa to do some exploring of the Olympic Peninsula. We started at Potlatch State Park on the south-eastern side. It was a beautiful campground tucked away in the trees close to the Puget Sound and Annas Bay. We enjoyed a quiet evening and Jordan went down to the water and saw some gnarly fish fights on the shore. The weather was perfect, just a slight fall chill in the air.

We took it easy the second day and drove just up to Sequim Bay. We absolutely had to stop up here in a couple of places because this is where Jordan’s late grandpa lived in his last years. Jordan has some very fond memories fishing with Grandpa, working in his wood shop and going out to ice cream together. Everyone in the family says Jord has so many similar qualities to his grandpa and since I was never able to meet him I was anxious to be up here in “his” place and feel it all out. Maybe I could get a better glimpse of him and of Jordan. Shannyl and Flush were troopers throughout our whole nostalgia and we got to celebrate Flush’s birthday up at the Sequim Bay State Park where we camped at a beautiful site. It was drizzling on and off all day.

We woke up to rain, like lots of rain… but it didn’t stop us from pushing farther north. Jordan was able to find his grandpas old house. That’s the thing I love about him. Even though his short term memory is horrible, he has a steel trap of a long term memory. He can remember streets, smells, the clothes you were wearing, the taste of the food. He has little time capsules tucked away inside his brain and when he recounts them, you almost feel like you were there too.

He was able to talk to the new owner of his grandpa’s place as we were creepily stalking the house and he said, “Your gramps must have been a pretty special guy. The intricacies in the house and all of his little additions, he must have been pretty whimsical.” What an awesome thing to hear. After that encounter we went up to the bay that Jordan remembers going to as a kid and the went straight the diner that Gramps and him would go get ice cream at. We are pretty sure the waitress even remembered him. It was all pretty magical and the perfect way to spend the evening. You could almost feel Grandpa everywhere…. and so many things made sense about Jordan.  Funny how a little trip like this can make it all make sense.

(Jordan listening to one of his Grandpa’s favorites on the way to his house)

The rain really started coming down at this point and we were starting to get worried. We found a place to stay up in the very northern part of Washington before we headed over to the Olympic National Park. The next morning as we headed to the Park Visitor Center we noticed a storm rolling in. But you know it’s been raining a lot so we didn’t think too much of it. We talked to the Park Ranger and were hit with some horrible news. There was a massive storm heading our way with 50-70 mile an hour winds. It was blowing trees over, causing flash floods, and the whole park was closed. We were so looking for to seeing the Hoh Rain Forest and other parts of the park.

We planned this whole trip to check another National Park off of our list and come to find out the weather had a different plan in mind. But so it goes with life on the road. We have come to learn that there are so many things you cannot control. You can either react to it or take it as it is and find new adventures along the way. Dessa was not loving this weather. We had rain for so many days straight and water was leaking in places that we didn’t even know she could leak. Water was seeping out from behind the microwave and weird places across this roof, but I don’t think a house could have stayed waterproof through this storm. So we hid out on the west side of the peninsula until morning and then made our way down the coast to Portland, in hopes of better weather.

Jordan and I were bummed that we couldn’t get outside more to show Shannyl more amazing nature that we encounter so often, but like I said we can’t control the weather and she is also so easy-going that we made it all work even through the disappointment.

(the Pacific tossing around huge trees like Lincoln Logs)

There is still something so mystical about the Pacific Northwest and it’s beautiful coast. It’s a sight so rare and so beautiful that the mind can hardly fathom.

PS: Who’s idea was it to travel through Washington in November?! Can you say rain and gray skies forever!!!! Take me to sunshine, take me to blue skies. I could never survive in Washington or Oregon. Take me a little farther east or a little farther south and I’ll be a happy girl!

One thought on “10 Days on the Road with your Best Girl: Part Two

  1. Truly enjoyed your last 5 posts, girl. What a “fun” trip. Hawaii to Washington-Oregon Coast. WOW! Ain’t life on the road Great/? Especially for us Gypsy Bloods…yeah!!
    Papa Pete


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