10 Days on the Road with your best girl: Part One



When your best friend says that she wants to come and meet you on the road then travel with you for ten days, you say YES!!! And then immediately start planning the best adventure possible!



We decided it would be best to pick her up in Seattle and spend a few days there exploring the city and then head up to the Olympic Peninsula to check out the National Park and then cruise down the coast until we hit Portland where we would celebrate her birthday before sending her off to California.

We had such a blast from the minute she landed. If I could describe Shannyl, I would have to say she is one giant bucket of sunshine. She has the best laugh ever that is so contagious. When she starts everyone else can’t help but laugh. She is also incredibly positive and always so loving. . .And she is also so much like my husband, they get along so well. Sometimes I just sit back and watch the two of them laughing at something stupid or talking about something crazy and my heart is just so full. To top it all off, she is the most mellow, low maintenance, easiest traveling buddy we’ve ever had.

We are fortunate to know a few people in Seattle that used to live in Fallbrook that found us a free spot to park Odessa right on the Puget Sound for the few days we were in town. Our wonderful friends also taxied us all around town, showing us the cool spots. Big cities are always so much better when you know people, otherwise they tend to overwhelm us and we miss all the good places. We bounced around from little hole in the wall places to the big “tourist” places and enjoyed every minute of it. The weather was typical for Washington I guess, gray skies and gloomy. Definitely not my cup of tea but it did make it easy to enjoy all the amazing coffee. We sure have missed it!!!

We finally checked Pike’s Market Place and Seattle off the bucket list. Our days and bellies were full and it feels so good to have my girl here!!!

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