Coeur d’Alene Take 2


We had a red eye flight back to Spokane and just before we got on our flight we highly debated whether or not we should actually get on. If our motor home wasn’t waiting for us I’m almost positive we would have decided to stay for another six months or so. How could you not want to after a trip like that one?! 

BIMG_7581ut we did get on the plane and it was a brutal flight. Between the uncomfortable seats and layovers we did not get any sleep at all over the course of the night. Aunt Becky so graciously picked us up that afternoon. We stopped by Gonzaga University, where she works, for a bit before going back to her house. She gave us a tour and introduced us to all her co-workers. That campus is beautiful, especially with the fall leaves in full force.

After getting back we pretty much slept for the next 24 hours, exhausted from the best vacation, the time changes, and the little cold we caught from all the weather/climate changes. We woke up the next day to Jackson and Frank cleaning an elk in the garage. Gotta say, even though we love the beach, it felt nice to be back in the mountains again!

On Halloween we went over to a little family house party with Jackson and Jill. The whole night was incredible and the games we played were awesome. My competitive side definitely came out (even though I always lose), and we all laughed so much. (PS- We may have hid the winner’s money on the fan and waited til someone turned it on. Watch the video below!)

Frank and Becky are so good to us and we love our time here. It felt good though to get Dessa back and get settled in! We got her a brand new set of tires and she feels great. We were supposed to start our trek to Washington but decided to push it off a couple of days so we could spend a little more time with the family and possibly get to see Jordan’s other cousin, Andrea. I had never met her before so I was definitely down to stay and finally meet the wonderful woman I hear so many great things about!

We hate to leave.. but we have to go! Thank you Wilkey’s for EVERYTHING-  we can never repay you for all you do for us and for watching our baby girl while we were away.


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