The Honeymoon we never had…


I’m at a loss for words when it comes to this trip back to where it all began for us. After Tim’s wedding we were able to spend two more weeks fully enjoying our sweet island home. It was essentially the honeymoon we were never able to take because of work. Eric still lives in the same house we all shared when we lived there the second time and he let us stay with him while we were there and Evan gave us a sweet deal on a mini van rental. It all worked out beautifully. We traipsed all across the island visiting our favorite spots, trying new things, and spending time with some of our most cherished friends.

We were able to visit every side of the island and though there was way more we wish we could have done, this trip was perfect. Probably the best trip we have ever taken outside of our motor home. Feeling pretty spoiled……

Now if only I could figure out a way to go back every year for three weeks…. hey a girl could dream right?

We love you island family and miss you all the time.

North Shore

South/West Side

East Side:

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