Tim and Seloma’s Wedding



It was a perfect small wedding ceremony on one of our favorite beaches. Only family and a few close friends were there to witness their vows. Hula shirt themed, of course. Well technically I guess it was only supposed to be for the reception but we didn’t get the memo so Jordan just got extra credit!  

After the ceremony we all made our way up to the Commongrounds, a beautiful venue for weddings and events that our friend/old roommate now runs. We felt pretty blessed that we were not only able to be here for this day but that we could help with the set up and take down.

Tim is one of the guys we met while we spent our first year of marriage in Tucson. He was part of the community that helped us survive that year. He was going through a particularly hard time when we met him. We encouraged him to come out with us and to come over for dinner every week. As our year was up in Tucson we were so close to Tim that we hated to leave him. So we begged and pleaded and finally convinced him to move out to Kauai with us when moved back the second time. We hoped it would bring all the healing and hope it brought to us our first time out there. Well five years later he’s still here, embarking on the best journey of his life with his soul mate.

To say we feel privileged to be a part of his whole journey is a vast understatement. We are so incredibly proud of him and the way he over came so many obstacles. Often times he is our inspiration to continue to build relationships with new people. He showed us how rewarding and fulfilling it can be. And that they can last a lifetime.

Thank you Seloma for loving our friend so well. Thank you Tim for allowing us to be a part of your journey of life. We love you both and only wish the best for you guys.

We will always cherish this beautiful day!



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