We are so grateful to our family up here for agreeing to keep an eye on Dessa while we take off on some adventures. They have no idea how much they helped up us out. Even though we only were able to stay for two days before jumping on planes we still had a blast. The night we got there we all went out to the golf course for dinner and the games. Jackson and Jill met us there with Hank and Whitlee. We hadn’t met Whitlee yet since she was born after we left last time…. but man is she perfect. And since I haven’t seen a baby since, like January, you know I was holding her the whole time! haha

We always love spending time with them up here. They have so many similar interests that our conversations are just so easy. Not to mention they are pretty much amazing and the some of the most hospitable people we know. Always just feels like home away from home.

We spent the next coupe days visiting and packing up for our next adventure. On Wednesday night we hitched a ride with Jackson and Jill to the Spokane Airport. It worked perfectly because Jill had a flight that night and we had a hotel room at the airport so we could catch some early flights. Jordan was head to Chicago for his annual “Trap’N’Fish” Trip that he takes with his dad and brother. A couple hours later I caught a flight to Kauai to hang out with my best girlfriend for a few days before Jordan met me there for Tim’s wedding. It’s a quite a thrill traveling on a plane after spending most of our days in our little turtle shell.

Feels kind of wild and crazy!

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