Flathead Lake

The next morning we headed south to Flathead Lake. It’s also been on our bucket-list. The lake is much bigger than I had imagined. We fished at two spots and took in the scenery. Tomorrow will be our last day in Montana for the year. I will miss the crisp air, moutainscapes, fall leaves, and lakeside views. This state gets a hold of our hearts more and more each year. It will always be home for us.

We crashed at a Walmart so we could bomb it out to Couer’d’Alene the next day. I woke up early so we could make it to St. Regis to fish a few hours for the last time. The drive was beautiful and my heart was full of reflection. These past six months have been perfect. Actually, this whole year has been amazing. Purchasing Odessa was the best decision we have ever made. She is the perfect size with the best layout to suit our needs. I am so grateful we did not compromise on either of these things. They are everything when you are full time living! The renovations we did, the trip to New Mexico, our trip up to West Yellowstone and all the fun we had this summer…. it all was just SO GOOD! My heart is thankful that we have moved past the beginning learning curves of this lifestyle. Not that we don’t learn something almost everyday, but we are so much more in a groove now. After all of these great things I can’t even imagine that we still have three more whole months to go to top off this year?!

It’s crazy.

St. Regis was nice but too short. We ran out of days to stay longer and catch more fish. But at least we stopped for a bit before heading to Uncle Frank and Aunt Becky’s.

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