My 28th Birthday

Funny side note- for the past six years I have celebrated my birthday in six different towns in four different states. I guess it’s my new tradition
22nd: Kapaa, HI
23rd: Tucson, AZ
24th: Kapaa, HI
25th: Fallbrook, CA
26th: Arcata, CA
27th: Big Sur, CA
28th: Whitefish, MT

Whitefish, Montana is also one of the places we have heard of a lot of times but had never been to, so what better time than on my birthday! We tried to get a campsite on one of the lakes but it was full, so we resorted to an RV park in town. It was decently priced and we really wanted some nice hot showers and a place to dump our tanks. But before we got all hooked up we of course had to stop and fish! Our time in Montana is disappearing fast and our fishing licenses won’t work in other states so we are trying to take full advantage of it! (why can’t they make an all access fishing pass?! These laws really stink for travelers!)

I woke up the next day feeling old.. haha not really! 27 was one of my favorite years so far and I don’t expect 28 to be any different. Plus I get to spend the day in my favorite state with my favorite person. After getting ready we headed over to the town square for Oktoberfest. Even though both our birthdays are in October we had never been to one of these festivals before! It was quite entertaining to say the least. Crazy costumes, festive music, games and of course lots and lots of beer. After we got our fill of the whole thing we made our way over to the Great Northern Brewery after wandering through a bunch of little shops and art galleries. At our restaurant in West Yellowstone we serve a couple beers from this brewery so we thought we should come try some of their different ones. We got a sample platter and spent a couple hours talking about what flavors we tasted in each one. After this I though we were going to go home… Jordan had spoiled me enough already. Plus we are headed out to Kauai in a couple of days, I think that is a big enough present!

But he had other plans in mind and took me out to sushi. Normally, we don’t eat sushi unless we are literally on the ocean but Joey recommended this place and told us the fish is brought down from Alaska, like every other day or something crazy. It was great, for mainland sushi! No, but seriously we really enjoyed our meal and it was priced really well. After we finished eating the server brought out green tea ice cream with a candle on top and Jordan sang me a little birthday song. Definitely the perfect way to end the perfect day with my love. It’s going to be a great year, I can just feel it!


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