Hungry Horse & Glacier

After we got all stocked up in town we headed back into nature. We followed the advice of our repair man and took a drive up and around Glacier National Park. It was just as beautiful as he described, especially with the fall colors. In between the evergreens trees it was bursting with reds, yellows, and oranges. It was the perfect picture of Autumn settling in. Glacier National Park has been on our bucket-lists for SO long and we have never been so close. So even as the park was closed for the season we still had to drive through the gate and take a picture. Haha so technically we have now been to Glacier! We hope to go more than 30 feet in next time though!

After that we headed out to Hungry Horse Reservoir. Our repair guy told us that it was a beautiful hidden lake that you can camp on for free. It took us a couple tries to get there, it really is hidden! When we arrived there were a couple of sketchy people but they didn’t stay long. Jordan fished for a bit, we watched the sunset, and a had a little campfire. It’s getting quite chilly at night up here. Winter will be here in no time.

We kept the heater going inside to keep warm, but as we were sitting on the couch just before bed Jordan suddenly freaked out! I asked him what was going on and he said had just seen a mouse! INSIDE OUR HOUSE!!! We quickly worked to try and get it out before realizing there was more than one….. they seemed to be multiplying and we could hear them gnawing on stuff. I guess the heat had attracted them. We tried to fight them off but it was a losing battle. The only thought that kept racing through our minds was that they were going to chew through some really important wires or something! That was a risk we weren’t willing to take. So even as it was almost one in the morning we quickly packed up and got out of there. We figured/hoped the bumpy road out would get the rest of them out. By the time we made it to Walmart and got settled in we sat on the couch in perfect silence for like 30 minutes to see if we could hear anything. Our planned seemed to work. IT WAS SILENT!

Haha, oh life on the road! It is always an adventure.

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