Throughout our years in Montana we have heard a lot about Kalispell. It seems to be one of the more popular cities to out-of-staters! A lot of people have relocated here. We had to go see what it was all about, plus this is where our repair man was based out of. It didn’t take long to figure out it was a booming little city. It had all the conveniences of a big city but still had a pretty small town fell to it. We also discovered that because it is a popular city in Montana the prices were higher. The “relocators” have driven up the prices of realty, among other things.

We camped out at the local Walmart in between our errands. The first stop was the repair man. We lived without water for long enough in Destiny so we really wanted to make this a priority. The was so nice and had her all fixed up in no time. He even gave us a discount because he liked what we were doing with our lives. Jordan also through in some of his fresh caught salmon. We talked story for a bit and before we took off he gave us tips of some awesome places to camp and visit in the area. It’s always best to learn from a local!

But before we went back out into the woods we had a few more errands to run and of course we had to stop at the Cabellas! It’s one of our favorite spots to wander around. We tried on all sorts of hiking boots so we could know which ones we wanted when they go on sale! (Cabellas always has great sales)

We did like Kalispell but it was just a little too busy for us. We will continue to scout the state looking for the place to buy property one day. Our favorite so far is around Lincoln, MT. It sits perfectly between to huge cities but is far enough away to feel like you’re in the middle of no where.

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