Salmon Run: Part Two

We just had to go back one more time to get more salmon. Our freezer only has room for eight more and Jordan was anxious to fill it to the brim. Since we knew where we were going this time we got there a lot faster and Jordan went straight to work. Within two and half hours he had already got 10! Unfortunately, two of them were sick and we had to throw them back. We were really wishing that we had the whole week, a smoker, and a huge freezer because this had to be the best tasting salmon we’ve ever had.

That night we filleted and froze everything and then took some showers to rid ourselves of the fish smell. When I went outside in the morning to start getting Dessa ready to roll I noticed water dripping from the rear, out of one of the cupboards. The more I looked, the more water I found. It took us a few hours and some minor panic attacks to figure out that the water inlet (where the hose connects to the motor home plumbing) was broken and water had been dripping in our house all night long. The carpet and flooring was flooded in the back of the motor home. Nothing got ruined so that was good…. just gotta figure out how to dry it all out without mold or mildew!!!

Even though it stinks, we are so much happier that we found the problem. Our minds were going crazy with horrible possible causes of this flood. This one is a pretty inexpensive and easy fix. We found a repairman in the next city over and he is going to fix it tomorrow!

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