Salmon Run

After our amazing time in Thompson Falls we decided to take a quick detour (on top of our other detour) to Kootenai Falls in Libby, MT. While in Great Falls our friend Joey told us that they were having a Kokanee Salmon run up there. He even had the exact location of a good spot. Before we left he gave us the right hooks and as many tips as he could!

As you could probably guess Jordan was dying to try his hand at this salmon snagging!!!! So after we finished chores at the Craw’s we set out to find the fish. In just two hours we made it to the right turnout and we decided to scout it out a bit before we got all of our gear. Within minutes we met up with other anglers who had a sack full of fish. We got their tips before running back to the motor home to grab our stuff. This is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity…. We had to jump on it.

We hiked about mile down the trail and over the train tracks to the river’s edge. After trying out a few spots we found this quiet bay that sits at the bottom of three small waterfalls. The water glows turquoise while the white caps from the falls shimmer like diamonds surrounded by pebble stone beaches. Even without catching a fish yet this place is kind of like heaven. Ospreys and Hawks fly overhead and then dive straight into the river in a desperate hunt for salmon too. They have quite a few competitors down here.


Just as we walked into the bay a man was leaving because he had already caught his limit for the day (20 fish). He was kind enough to give us a few pointers… We are so new to this kind of fishing. Within just a few minutes Jordan had snagged his first one. They are such beautiful salmon with a black to red fade across their bodies. Some are a true salmon color others really shine red like rubies. They come here to spawn and we are at the end of their season before they die… But we made it just in time!!!

Within two and half hours Jordan hooked twelve of these beautiful fish. It was absolutely amazing to watch him figure it out and then just slay those fishys!!! As the sun was setting we gutted and cleaned them before we made our way back to Odessa. We still needed a place to stay tonight, preferably with showers because we have fish guts all over us!

We filleted them and put them in the freezer to share and eat later but of course we had to cook up one of them tonight. So I spiced it up and baked it while cooking some rice. And man oh man, it was probably some of the best salmon I’ve ever had. Maybe we are biased because we caught it just a few hours ago but who cares?! Haha it was amazing.

And tomorrow I think we will head back for a bit to fill our freezer full! We are lucky to live in Montana… It’s our perfect and we really don’t want this week to be over…


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