Great Falls

After nearly 5 days of no service we needed to head back to civilization for a bit to catch up with life stuff. It was awfully nice being disconnected but there are bills to pay and business things to do!

Our first two days we spent at a little RV park in the outskirts of the main city. We enjoyed the hook ups and the nice walking paths. Of course, the park looked nothing like the website pictures and the actual working amenities are far fewer than promised. We’ve yet to find one RV park that fulfills all the bold statements listed on the web. At this point we have just learned to expect it, nothing is as ever good as they say.

From there we headed over to Joey and Jenn’s to visit for a few days. We haven’t seen them since this time last year. The kids have grown so much and are seriously the best. Always keeping smiles on our faces.

They both had to work while we were there so we went on some day trips around the area and thankfully Joey’s boat got fixed while we were there. He took us out to the Missouri River like last year. This time I fished too! We were catching all sorts of little guys, but this  time I was the only one who caught one big enough for dinner. It was delicious. The weather was unusually warm and made the perfect day to be out on the river.

We absolutely love hanging out with this family. They have so many of the same passions and interests as us and they also have a lot more knowledge. Hopefully we can try to see them more than once a year.

We also just wanted to send a big thank you to them for absolutely spoiling us! Not only were they amazing hosts but they sent us of with some meat from one of Joey’s hunts, food from the garden and some fishing stuff. They are just too good to us and we couldn’t be more grateful!


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