Circle, Mt ->Peck Reservoir->Jordan, MT

It was so sad saying goodbye to our friends but the had to head back to West Yellowstone to finish off the season and we had adventures awaiting us! Jordan and I made our way northwest to Peck Reservoir. It wasn’t too far and Jordan wanted to get some fishing in. As we headed through the open plains we accidentally found Circle, MT. The tiniest town you have ever seen. Most of it looked pretty rundown but you can tell people are trying slowly to bring the dusty old town back to life. We ended up stopping because they had shut down the main street for a car show. So we found a place to park Dessa and cruised around checking out all those old beauties. We stopped in a little restaurant that looked pretty new and modern. You don’t find many of those in these parts. The was surprisingly super packed. After talking with a few people we found out it was “Alumni” weekend. So the town was brimming full with all kinds of history. We enjoyed people watching for a while before we decided to hit the road again.

It’s funny that after you dig and find treasures in ordinary looking places you start looking at all the dirt you drive by and wonder what could be inside. The next few hours of driving through what seemed to be the badlands of Montana made our curious minds wander with what is hiding under the dirt out there. What used to live here? What animal bones could we unearth?

Our next town was Jordan, MT the gateway to the reservoir. Unfortunately, we found out to get out there you have to drive down 22 miles of a very washboarded dirt road. We started making our way, the hesitated questioning if we really wanted to embark on this journey, the we started again thinking we had to go for it, then we got a rock stuck in our brakes that made a horrible screeching noise, fixed that, turn around to cancel our plan, then turned back around and decided…. What the heck, let’s just go for it! We wanted to know too badly what was at the end of that dirt road. So after two hours of driving so sllllloooooowwwwwwwww across each washboard bump we made it out there, but not before seeing all sorts of amazing wildlife on the way out there. The lake was huge and our campground was right on the edge. There was deer everywhere just eating the grass and hanging out. We spent the next two nights there enjoying the “NO SERVICE” message that displayed on our phones. Jordan fished some and we mostly rested and reflected on our summer. We always try to make time for that after one adventure is finished.

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We talked to the park manager asking if there was another way out… she sadly said no and that we had to go back out on the same 22 mile washboard road. We cried a little inside, but then she said if you can get up to 30-40 MPH your tires will float over the bumps. It sounded pretty hairy going that fast on a dirt road with some big turn and hills. Seems insane actually to take your motor home down that road at that speed. But going so slow last time was torturous and it was horrible because it felt like every bump was going to make the walls of the motor home just fall off! So…. we went for it! White knuckled and terrified, we just bombed it with a couple of breaks in between to make sure we were still breathing and let our heart rates slow down. It was a little sketchy but oh man was that lady right! The bumps seemed to disappear and we definitely got out A LOT faster than we got in.

Some times you just have to be BRAVE!!!

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