Makoshika State Park

Jord: We had such a good time in North Eastern Montana with the best people. We found petrified bone fragments, opalized Ammonites and Baculites, leaf plates, fossilized mussels, and a whole bunch of shark teeth and a clam that had a whole revealing it’s fully calcified insides. I even unearthed a horse’s jawbone with 6 teeth still in tact! Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be an archeologist and that was as close as I have ever gotten. Obviously I was pretty stoked on those three days.”

Jules: 2 cars, 1 trailer, 1 motor home, 7 people and 8 hours later we arrived to the very eastern part of Montana in Makoshika State Park. I was surprised to how our beautiful tree filled mountains disappeared with every mile we drove. Instead of the various shades of greens our views were filled with shades of reds, browns, and yellows. The plains of Montana are pretty stunning with unique canyons, red dirt mixed with all sorts of colors, and golden grasses swaying with the wind. Still all so beautiful just very different from the western part of the state.

We were pretty lucky to have nearly the whole state park to ourselves. The sites had no hook ups but it worked out just fine for us. Two-Moons was our tour guide for our three days there. He has incredible knowledge of rocks, gems, and fossils. Also, he knows all the great places to hunt for them. We drove off the federal lands and out into the plains and backcountry. Each stop he took us to was filled with new and exciting finds. The seven of us were out there digging away, whistling and loving every second of it. IT’s like discovering history for the very first time. You’re probably the first person ever to see what you have just found hiding in a very unsuspecting rock. Jordan, my rock guy, of course was in absolute heaven. I think we left that place with half the desert in our backpacks. We all found some really great treasures and it was the absolute perfect way to start off our trip this fall. We were surrounded by some of our most favorite friends playing in the dirt!

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