It is Finished!

It’s always hard the last few weeks of summer watching our friends leave town one by one as the head back  to their home countries or back to school somewhere in the US. Summer is finally over and everyone has to get back to their other lives. Living in a seasonal town often times feels like an extended “summer camp” experience. You make new friends, bond over new adventures, and then watch everyone leave just as you were really starting to build a relationship.

Now it is finally our time to say goodbye, until next year. We are so sad. This place has become a part of hearts. But we are also really excited. We have saved enough money this summer to fund a pretty amazing fall adventure! The first 3 weeks include sightseeing and exploring different parts of Montana that we have yet to see. We decided to not set up exact plans for this part so we could be free to go at our own pace and stay places for longer if we felt like we wanted to. Often times when we make reservations we feel too rushed, because there are spots that need more time than anticipated. Since it is no longer peak season in Montana we don’t feel like it will be hard to find places to stay. After we finish our three weeks here we head to Idaho for a couple days to drop off our motorhome. Jordan’s aunt and uncle have very graciously offered to keep an eye on it so we can fly to Hawaii for our friend’s wedding and a visit with all of our friends we miss so much. After that we will stop in Washington to see some friends, then head to Seattle to pick up my girlfriend who will be traveling with us for ten days. We drop her off in Portland and then will spend a few more weeks traveling down the coast to meet up with some of our friends before heading back down to So Cal for the holidays with family. So… that is why we are excited to hit the road, even though we are sad to leave our little town.

But before all that the first stop we are making is on the east side of Montana to Makoshika State Park to find dinosaur bones! If you know Jordan, you can probably imagine how stoked he his to go dig in the dirt and find buried treasures. So for the next few days we are trying to tie up all the loose ends around here. Squeezing in every last minute visit with friends, finishing our last few shifts at work, packing up Dessa and getting her “road ready” and of course, Jord has to play one last round of disc golf in the forest with his friends.

We will see you soon West Yellowstone! Thank you for being every bit of amazing to us.

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