Beaver Creek

IMG_7698Before we made our way down to the fair we snuck in one last camping trip with Lauren, Mckelle, and Everett. Instead of our normal spots along the lake we tried something new. It’s on the other side and across the highway in a little canyon called Beaver Creek. It’s really secluded and FREE!!! You can take a short walk down to the creek that is sprinkled with really beautiful naturally polished stones. Large trees dance overhead in the canyon winds and the brush sways in it’s lighter green and brown tones. Fall is coming quickly and you can see it everywhere. What you can’t see down here are the bears…. though it feels like they are everywhere down here. haha! It just seems like the perfect bear paradise. So we kept that bear spray attached to the hip.

Right as we were going to bed a little thunderstorm rolled through the canyon It hailed hard for a few minutes but the booms of thunder and cracks of lightning continued on for an hour or so. I listened from my bed marveling at nature and all her madness. The windows would flash so brightly with each strike and then the roof would rattle… it was the perfect lullaby.

Before we headed back into town we made an amazing breakfast over a little fire on the new skillet that was given to us this summer. Nothing beats a solid campfire breakfast!


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