Idaho State Fair


Before we took off we wanted to do something to celebrate our boss’s birthday. She is our age, works really hard, and is such a great friend to all of us up here that we wanted to something really fun for her. After we brainstormed for the past couple weeks we decided to head down to the Idaho State Fair. The beauty of our town is that we are only 3 miles from Wyoming and 20 to Idaho, so it won’t be too far of a drive! We rounded up quite the group of people and car pooled our way down.

The was spent eating all sorts of fair food and riding all those crazy rides. Well, I am not a fan of being turned upside down and sideways over and over again so I just was the “team mom” and held everyone’s stuff while they decided to torture themselves on all those crazy rides! Jordan had never been to a state fair before so it was super fun to experience it all with him. It was also really good to hang out with all of our friends outside of work and not talk about work all day!!! (I’m sure our boss appreciated that too!)

In between food and rides we of course had to walk around to let the food settle a bit. We wandered through all the stables and barns checking out all the beautiful horses, cows, goats and sheep. Then up and down the marketplace checking out all the vendors crazy shops filled with trinkets and gadgets galore!

It was such a great day full of lots of sunshine (us mountain folk aren’t used to this kind of weather. It was nearly 82 haha), fun, and laughter! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY!!! Thanks for being a great boss and great friend! We appreciate you!

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