Montana Love

We have just two weeks left before our BIG adventure this fall. It’s crazy to think the summer went by so fast, but man did we sure enjoy it and pack it full of fun and adventure. We have been trying really hard to get things in order before we take off.. you know like real life stuff. Like our residency status, health insurance, care insurance, registrations, and licenses. The one major struggle we keep running into is that all these agencies who give you these kinds of things can never figure out where the heck we live. We have so many “official” things in so many states. We have cars registered in California and Arkansas, we files taxes in Montana but our permanent address is California, our license is from Arizona. Nobody understands when I try to explain it all. They just keep asking over and over, “So where exactly do you LIVE then?” Haha I just laugh and hang up the phone because most of the time I don’t even know how to answer the question!

Anyways, we decided it is probably time to pick a state of domicile, being that we don’t plan to stop this lifestyle soon. Since we plan to buy some property up in Montana soon and the fact that we usually spend half our year up here, we decided to make it home officially. So after many weeks of prepping all the paperwork we headed up to Bozeman to get our licenses and register our vehicles. Ahhh… the DMV up here, or should I say MVD, is so much easier than any other state! And also so much less expensive. It was pretty effortless and we were completely done with 2 licenses and 3 registrations in just over two hours! Absolutely glorious.

So I guess it’s official now, Montana is HOME! And we couldn’t be happier!

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