Cliff N Wade Escape

Cliff N Wade…
Where Fiji meets the mountains.
Where water shines like emeralds and jade.
Where the air is so fresh you can taste it.


We love our jobs, we really do, but man it gets exhausting. In a tourist town being a server means that you are also half tour guide. People have so many questions. Some great ones… some really REALLY silly ones. One of my favorites is, “When do they put the animals back in their cages?” Like all of Yellowstone is just one giant zoo where they let the animals (BEARS, WOLVES, BISON!!!!) out to play with the tourists in the afternoons and then put the “tame” animals back in their cages every evening?!?! haha. Anyways, after four months straight of these kind of questions, the know-it-all tourists, and people with different type of eating styles (international tourists) you can really start to lose your patience. It gets harder to smile when people come in at closing and stay that extra hour, or when people pull on your clothes and whistle at you, or just leave a disaster at your table with no tip! The only way we know how to stay sane and positive is to escape the madness on our weekends.

This week we decided to disappear out at Cliff N Wade lakes, just the two of us. Jordan took off on his boat the entire day exploring the lake. It was crazy to hear when he got back that the little lake we love is actually three times bigger than we thought. He paddled out to the end of what we can see only to find out that the lake makes a hard left turn and just keeps on going! There is even a little island that people paddle out to and camp on. Next year, we definitely plan on doing that. While he was out adventuring I just lounged around in the sun finishing my book and soaking up the silence. The only two things you can hear out here are the wind and the birds.

Jordan brought back a beautiful rainbow trout for dinner and we cooked it up over the fire and the enjoyed the star show. There is no electricity for miles and miles so you can basically see every single star in the sky.

Repeat this all three times and that is exactly what our weekend looked like. We wished we could stay for like 20 more days… or maybe just move there?  Forever?!

 ~Sadly I finished my book, but I had to leave one last quote for my memory~

“That’s why I have to go into the wilderness, where I let God call me by name to a deeper place. This is the peace that the world cannot give. But I promise you that it’s also peace the world can no longer take from you. This peace doesn’t come about because of anything we do right. The point is, we have to discover what we have always been in God. When we get to this place, we will know and love ourselves, in spite of all the negative and opposing evidence.It is the spacious place of the soul. To live there is finally to be at home. This first and final home we carry with us all our lives. God is also at home there, and when we return we will have discovered simplicity.”

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