Last Weekend at Hebgen

So the night before we went to the campfire lodge I lost a filling in one of my molars that left my nerve exposed. Thankfully my husband went into work for me because the pain was excruciating. Tooth pain is by far the worst kind! I spent hours trying to find a dentist that would be open on a Saturday (the next day) and also figure out a way to get there. This is one of those times you really wish you had a car! My search came to no avail.. but luckily I was able to find a temporary filling and clove oil at our local grocery store. These basically saved my life until our local dentist came into town Tuesday. Even though I burned my skin around my lips with the clove oil (that stuff is gnarly!) and the whole right side of my face was swollen I was able to go back to work and sleep! Thanks to my super supportive husband for holding my hand through the whole weekend. The dentist gives me so much anxiety but with Jordan there and a REALLY REALLY nice dentist we all survived the appointment and I didn’t need a root canal!

So after a pretty traumatic week for us we decided to head out to our favorite spot out on the lake. It would probably the last time we could go this summer. The weather has been holding, but it is still chilly. So we just invited a few friends, kept it pretty mellow and tried to soak it all in. And of course, Jordan caught one last Hebgen fish for dinner!

***On the POSITIVE side, we got a super last minute but extra sweet visit from the Greens this week as they were quickly passing through. Jordan has known them for over 15 years, they are great family friends from Fallbrook and has been to Africa with Don in the past. So even as we had to work we managed to get a little face time in with them in between our shifts. We hope to visit them this fall in Washington! Thanks for making the stop Greens, you really brightened up our week!

One thought on “Last Weekend at Hebgen

  1. We think we ate at that Campfire Lodge, or something just like you described on our way to Earthquake Lake. Did it have a fishing shop attached and about 6 or 8 campsites off to the left? If not, next year you will have to find the one we went to. You will enjoy it just as much. Happy Easter. You made our morning catching up on your blogs. I saved them for this morning to enjoy with coffee. We are panning our 5 month ADVENTURE now. Will send you our route to see if you have suggestions for things to see in Tennessee. I think you have been there. Love you, Grandma and Fred

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