Campfire Lodge

We took Dessa to the shop in town to have them figure out what was going on with the brakes. Eeeeekkkk…. let’s just say it wasn’t good and we were right to bring her in immediately. The mechanic came out with a box full of parts and told me that these used to be a drum brake. Apparently they were so old and rusted that when he took the tire off everything just kind of fell off! That definitely explains why we couldn’t stop. Also, makes me extremely grateful the we just had the front brakes done and that they slowed us down enough to not crash. The guys there were great and got Dessa all fixed up. Even though we have spent quite a bit of money now getting all four brakes done we have such a peace of mind now knowing that we are safe! You have to take care of your vehicle, especially when it’s your house too!

After we got Dessa all fixed up we planned a morning to spend with our friend, Kyle, before he headed back up to Bozeman for school. If you have ever listened to the radio in this little town you’ll hear the add for the, “Campfire Lodge, between the lakes” at least 15 times a day. Jordan and I had never been before even though we have drove past it many times. Kyle has been raving about their breakfast all summer long so we decided it would be the perfect spot to go!

Man, that place was absolutely gorgeous. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but once you go in and then out the back door you are right the edge of the river nestled under the canyon walls. It was breathtaking that morning with the fog that was still hanging around from a recent storm. It was sprinkling but we didn’t want to go inside until we absolutely had to. The wait was pretty long so we enjoyed our view! Once we got a table we definitely enjoyed our breakfast. There was only one man cooking everyone’s food. I guess he won’t hire anyone else because they can’t do the job as well as he can! Haha, he didn’t smile much but he works hard and methodically to serve up the perfect meal. We definitely were stoked on finding a good spot and can’t wait to come back another time.

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