Brake Check?!

We had a little issue heading out to the lake this past week. I was about to turn off of Highway 20 (55 Mph) onto the side road that runs out to the lake. As I pressed onto the brakes to slow down and make the turn nothing happened until my foot was 70% of the way to the floor. Luckily, the finally caught before we ended up in a huge ditch! I was able to make the turn, semi-safely, and not die before coming to a stop in the middle of the road. Jordan said (not knowing what was going on), “What the heck babe? Are you trying to kill us? You have to slow down before you just turn like that.” I was trying to get my breath back and slow my heart rate down. Then I explained what had happened and we both just thanked the Lord that we stopped in time. Dessa will definitely be going to the shop this week. Brakes are not something to mess with and it’s all a little scarier when your car is also your HOUSE! I am just hoping it is the rear brakes because we just paid a lot of money to get the front ones done.

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