16 Weeks in Paradise

We work crazy hard up here but every day we have off we just laugh at each other in disbelief! How the heck is this place so amazing? How lucky are we that every weekend we get to be fully submersed in nature?

We often think of our lives six years ago, our time spent in California and Arizona. And though there is so much beauty found in those two states we laugh at how little time we made for it when we lived there. We were so busy in the rat race and “life” that we forgot to LIVE. The motor home has been so good for us by keeping us outdoors and active. We didn’t buy a small house to live inside all day and just stare at each other after all. Dessa takes us to places we never could have dreamed of and we get to do that Every. Single. Week. So yes, we laugh with each other often in disbelief that we somehow stumbled into a life that is so beautiful, so satisfying and so soul filling.

This week we escaped without really telling anyone to have a little “us” time before we wind down the summer in the next few weeks. It was so peaceful and quiet, something we both needed. No talking, no entertaining. Just fishing, books, and campfires. The weather has cooled down quite a bit, the clouds are rolling in thicker and the sunsets are going off.


And now for a little side note. I have been reading an amazing book lately called Simplicity, by Richard Rohr. It is definitely one of those books that I would like to re read once a year or every couple of years. Definitely deep and insightful. But I just wanted to leave some of my favorite quotes from this week, some of the things I want to remember forever.

“People living under capitalism find it very hard to know their own center and to live from within it. We live in an affluent society that’s always expecting more, wanting more, and believes it has more coming to it. But the more we own, ironically enough, the less we enjoy.”

“In America we possess many things that we call time-saving conveniences, and yet we still run around and never have enough time. In an affluent society where the soul’s longing is projected outward, we have much more information but much less wisdom. Wisdom comes from dealing rightly with information, but information has become a consumer item in its own right.”

“And in the end we’re short of knowledge, wisdom, and time”

“When the soul is projected outward, we have less time for love, because we other people into articles for consumption too. That’s why there are so few experiences of genuine friendship that’s grounded in itself, with no goal above and beyond the relationship.”

“Jesus quite differently wanted us to build a society in which people come before things. Jesus taught us to love people and to use thing. But in our society we use people and love things.”

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