Week 15: My First Trout

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Work has definitely been picking up this month! It kind of just happened too…. one day it felt like we were going to be slow forever and then all of the sudden we started wondering if it is ever going to slow down. But we really can’t complain because our job is great, we have met some really amazing people, and we still get a lot of time off together. Our feet are getting a little tired after walking 8-15 miles a day on those concrete floors but that is what the escapes to the lake are for.

This week Charlie came down to play again! He brought a friend with him and we are so stoked to have them. Before we took them out to the lake the boys went to play disc golf. They got offered to drive this amazing razor that goes insanely fast by a random guy who passed them while they were out in the woods throwing their discs. Of course, Jordan took the man up on his offer and took it out for a spin. I think I have heard that story at least 100 times already and it has only been a few days since this all happened. He was ecstatic, to say the least!!!

Since I had to work that day the boys took the motor home out to the lake in the evening and I met them out there later that night with some other friends. We had an amazing time. Charlie and his friend left that next morning and we stayed. Even though the weather has been cooling off quite a bit it has been really nice to sneak away from town. As summer continues the more our little town is over run with tourists and it starts to wear on you. You start to crave silence….. no crazy drivers and no more questions. Haha! So yes, we stayed out at the lake as long as possible this week to avoid the madness. The second afternoon our friend Rob (the young nomad) brought his boat over to take Jordan out. While they were fishing away out on the middle of the lake I threw in a couple from the shore. I haven’t really fished since I was young and totally forgot what it feels like when you get a bite. And of course, I caught a guy while they were still out. I kind of freaked out and yelled….. “What do I do?!” Jordan screamed back at me giving me instruction. In my mind I was reeling in a 15 pounder that was at least 3 feet long haha… come to find out it was just a baby guy! Not even a half pound and over 6 inches. But that didn’t take away any of the joy. I was so proud of my little fish! I even gave him a little kiss before I threw him back in.

Jordan caught a great big one out there on the water and then grabbed another one right before the sun set from the shore. We definitely had a feast that night. Nothing is better than eating what you catch!

The morning was filled with campfire cooked breakfast and goodbyes before we all headed back in to town!

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