July Fourth: 2015

Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. It always represents sunshine, friends, and a day of outdoor shenanigans. I have always loved spending in my hometown of Lake Arrowhead the most but since we discovered West Yellowstone I have learned to love it in a new place. It is especially exciting because this day is also one of our best friend’s birthday.

We were lucky enough to have the night before and the day of off work. So we went down to the lake on the third to say hi to everyone. A huge group of our friends camp there for three days. It looked like tent city down there on the lake. After a nice morning of sleeping in and relaxing Jordan headed straight for the lake to fish a little bit before we headed back to town. It had to be the first time he’s caught a fish in that spot in the afternoon. He usually has to wait til sunset.

By two we headed back into town to watch the local parade. The rest of the afternoon we spent with Lauren to celebrate her birthday. It included some good conversation and of course BBQ ribs cooked over the fire! We rushed from her house over to the end of town so we could watch the fireworks the town set off and also set off the fireworks we bought! This year we stocked up on all sorts of explosives!!! We were never allowed to shoot them growing up because, as most of California, it was illegal. We were so amped to be able to experience it for the first time.

The town’s show was pretty disappointing this year compared to the past so we waited for all of our friends from work to get off and then we started our own show. Everyone pooled together their purchases and we had quite the stockpile. It was even more fun because we had kids from all over the world (that work with us) there to experience it with us. We would line up about 6 mortars and light them all the count of three and then RUN! We only almost caught a building and the national forest on fire two or three times and no one got hurt! So I would say it was a success. We all went home smiling, tired, and in one piece from a fun filled day.

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