Week 10: Guns, Canoes and Trees

While I was off on my trip Jordan had a pretty relaxing time. He actually had a couple of the days off so he got to play disc golf with his friends. they have a pretty awesome two mile course set up out in the national forest. He also got my…. I mean OUR new fridge!!! It fits perfectly and it absolutely amazing. It is definitely more efficient also.

I can’t believe it’s already been 10 weeks! We even started earlier this year and it seems to be flying by faster. It feels absolutely amazing to be back. California was so wonderful but I am glad to be home with my honey. We rarely spend time apart so after my trip and our days at work we decided to sneak away for a couple of days. We kept it on the down low so it would just be the two of us. The weather is still awfully warm out but I won’t complain. Just trying to soak it in while it lasts. Once we got settled at the lake we we inflated his kayak, packed up some snacks and went for a cruise. That boat definitely was not built for two people but we made it work and had a blast. Turns out that the wind can be quite intense when you reach the middle of the lake and I am not in very good rowing shape. Thankfully Jordan is buff, otherwise we would have been stuck out there all night. On our way back we stopped by “frog island” to do some exploring and to shoot our newest toy, “The PUNISHER.” He is just in case someone tries to break into the motor home and tries to kill us. Haha… I pray we never really need to use it.

The rest of the weekend pretty much just followed suit. Sunshine, relaxing and some really good time together. The sunsets were killer this weekend. God always spoils us.

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