Headed back to Cali!

Before my trip to Cali we headed to Wild West with some of our work family. My sisters from Jamaica and Bulgaria. It was such a blast. Although I definitely am not a karaoke-r,  Wendy KILLED it! She has a great voice and we had fun cheering her on. Jordan of course had to give Maya a ride home in a shopping cart! haha

I couldn’t have been any more excited for my trip to Cali. Not only was I stoked that Brandon, Brad, Lauren, and Leanne were graduating but I was just so ready to see the family. The way our travels worked out this year meant that we haven’t seen anyone since January. Which was starting to feel like a long time ago. I also was pretty excited because I haven’t been on a trip by myself in like 5 years!!! Not that I like leaving Jordan at all, but there is something adventurous about getting on a plane by yourself and just going. But honestly I think the thing that made it the most exciting is that I wasn’t home sick. Yes, I missed my family, but Montana and our little home on wheels are my home now, and I really don’t have a desire to be in California. It’s the first time I have felt that in five years. And it makes going back way more fun because you don’t have to feel that sadness or weight of wanting to be there all the time. You get to pop in, do all the fun things, and then you get to go home!

From the minute I landed until the minute I headed back to West Yellowstone I was busy trying to smash in a visit with every single person I could. From my best friends, to the Cotes, to both sides of my family and graduation day. It was madness and everything that I wanted it to be. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time that everyone made for me and for driving to come visit! A special cheers to my bestie, Shannyl, for coming to pick me up from the airport and driving me back to Fallbrook. She always makes time and I so appreciate that about her. I couldn’t believe how fast the time flew by but I am so glad that I got to squeeze in so many people and almost all of my babies! They need to stop growing so fast!

Guess it’s time to head home and get my butt back to work! Thanks everyone for a great trip.

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