Avoiding Responsibility


Work has been good and steady. We are both really enjoying serving. It also has been super beneficial for us to catch up on our finances. IT’s still been a little on the slower side but come mid-June town will definitely start picking up. We had a little hiccup this past week as our fridge decided to start leaking propane we aren’t plugged into power. As you could all imagine I am a little sensitive when it comes to your fridge after not having a working one for two years. So I immediately had the mobile RV guy in town (he is awesome!) come check it out. Somehow he recognized our fridge and the recall that it had way back in the day. Apparently other fridges leaked so much propane that they would explode! We were lucky enough to miss the original recall because instead of getting just the new part we get a brand new fridge!!!! FOR FREE!!!! We do have to pay gas money for the repair man to go pick it up but man I’ll take it.

This weekend we decided to blow off our responsibilities (laundry, grocery shopping, errands, and stocking up) and headed out to the lake. The weather has been so nice out it’s almost scary. We headed out to our favorite spot right on the lake’s edge. We had friends join us all throughout the day and our first night there we had some people from work join us. Some from Jamaica, some from Kazakhstan and others from Bulgaria. Most of them had never been camping before. So as soon as we finished cooking up Jordan’s trout that he caught that evening we busted out the marshmallows and chocolates so we could all make s’mores together. It was pretty awesome sharing their first time camping with them. I am pretty sure Jordan even broke out his guitar and harmonicas for some campfire sing-a-longs.

The next day was spent in swaying in hammocks, fishing and soaking up sunshine. We know this “Summer” weather won’t last long around these parts so we are soaking in every moment. Also, I think we just decided that we may never leave that lake one day. Who needs to work anyway?! It is just brimming with beauty and peace out here…. sure makes it hard to leave.

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