Cherry Creek

On our next days off of work our friends Lauren and Mckelle invited us out to Cherry Creek for a campfire cookout. They said they were making ribs and carne asada. How can you turn that down?!

We had to wait until Charlie got here before we could head out to the lake though. Charlie is Jordan’s “little brother,” the son of Jordan’s business partner/dad’s best friend. We helped him find a job up here in Montana for the summer while he was in between college semesters. We hadn’t seen him yet because of our busy work schedules so we thought it would be perfect to bring him camping to one of our favorite spots. Everything is popping with green right now as spring is in full force! The wildflowers are starting to bloom and the lake is full from the snow melt. It’s an absolutely perfect day to be outside.

We took off as soon as Charlie got here. Lauren and Mckelle were already cooking up our feast. It was a torturous wait, but man was it absolutely worth it! Why does everything taste so much better when cooked over the campfire?!

Charlie took off early in the morning but the rest of us stayed so we pooled all of our food together to make some BOMB breakfast burritos. Mckelle and Jordan went fishing for a few hours before the girls had to leave. Lauren and I just sat around talking, soaking up the fresh spring air. Jordan and I couldn’t pull ourselves away so we decided to stay one more night…. it was worth it, even if we had to rush back in the morning for work.

Some extra bonuses of this camp trip- I finally got to shoot our gun, the JUDGE! haha, it was so much fun. Can’t wait to learn more about it and shoot some more. Also we met a couple a little younger than us Rob and Leanne who are living in a trailer this summer out on the lake. They even have a boat! It was pretty awesome to run into other “nomads” and get to hear their stories.

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