World Help Organization

It was only our third week here when Jordan had to set off to California to work for the World Help Organization at their annual conference. He has been doing it the past couple of years and didn’t want to miss it. We were planning on heading back to California after our time in New Mexico before heading up to Montana, but the whole thing didn’t really work out the way we planned and we headed straight up to start work early.

So I took Jordan up to Bozeman to the airport at the end of April. By the time we got there the brakes started making some really awful noises. Unfortunately, Jordan had to leave immediately and I was off to figure out what was going on by myself. It took about four different mechanics to finally figure out that the brake pad had slipped off due to its age and destroyed everything inside. So after a quick night in a Walmart parking lot I had to take it back to the mechanic and get new brake pads, rotor and calipers. It was an unexpected $400 expense but it was definitely worth it. Brakes are not something to mess around with. I finished off the day hanging with some friends and running some errands before heading back to town for my weekend of work.

Jordan was able to spend his first night in California with his brother. They got to take Grandma out to dinner. From there he headed out to La Quinta for the conference. It was over 99 degrees the whole time. That was definitely a shock after our cold spell up here. He had a blast reconnecting with some of the friends he has made over the years and of course with Amber, Bryan and the kids. I was so bummed I couldn’t make it this year. In between all the meetings he had to work he was able to take Marley out for a picnic, go on adventures with Brudder, and just spend some good quality time with them.

After we both had busy weekends, he spent the afternoon with his mama and one last night with his brother and dad before heading to the airport Monday afternoon. I drove back up to Bozeman to get our window above the cab replaced (it had a crack and was leaking) and stocked up on food at Costco! It is so WONDERFUL having a fridge and freezer. I picked up Jordan around 10pm before we headed home. It was so nice to have him back, we are not used to doing life apart!

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