Our first weeks in West

It’s been hard to find time to blog in between work and getting acclimated to life up here. We have been having such a blast reconnecting with all of our friends that we met last year. It’s still crazy to me to think that three years ago when we came here we knew absolutely no one and now it feels like home with a ton of people excited to see us! Traveling is such a blessing in that way.

We both are working at the restaurant this summer. Jordan immediately started in as a server like last year and I spent my first week and a half hosting before I was trained to serve. It was definitely a little intimidating at first but I am absolutely loving it! It is hard work but I have been missing a job that keeps me on my feet and moving. We are hoping to get a lot of the same days off this summer and so far we have. So in our spare time we have set out to find good fishing spots while the lake is still frozen. We went to a couple of rivers in the mean time but it only took a couple of weeks for the lake to finish thawing out so next time we will head out there. The weather has been chilly and we have had a couple random little snow storms. The snow only stays on the ground for 24 hours or less so that part is nice. We are also adjusting to living on the other side of town. The past two years we have had a spot on the quiet side of town with the old airport right outside our door. We could enjoy peaceful nights stargazing and relaxing. Now we are on the busy side of town close to all the restaurants and tourist shops with lots of street lights. But the positive note is that it only takes us one minute to walk to work. So we definitely are enjoying that!!! Especially on days when we work double shifts, since we are able to come home and relax on our lunch break.

Other than that we are just enjoying every minute of it up here and we are loving Odessa! She is the perfect size for us and we love the layout. So happy we decided to buy this one. It feels like we are living in luxury these days! Hopefully it will warm up just a bit more so we can head out for a couple of days into the woods to camp and fish!

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