Almost Home!

It’s funny how over the years the definition of home has changed so many times. Home is Southern California, because it’s where we were raised. Home is Kauai, for the way our hearts have been connected there. Home is Destiny, our little shell keeping us safe and warm through out the many miles on the road. Home is Montana, where we feel the most “us” and alive. Home is Odessa, our perfect space. Home is each other, sometimes our only tangible stability in this lifestyle. No matter what the definition of “home” is, it always feels good to get back there!!!

After our time in Boulder we started that itch…. the itch to be home for the summer. Ever since we left Montana and the Pacific Northwest last year our hearts have been longing for it. It’s been a strange feeling for me, because this is the first place that I have truly longed for. I missed the fresh air, the spring water running through my taps, the lakes, the rivers, the endless sky….. all of it. We wanted it all back. So with this in our minds, we hit the road fast. We took some of the back roads through Colorado driving through the cute little towns of Vail, Avon and Steamboat Springs. Perfect little ski towns tucked in the valleys of the Rockies. We drove past old mine camps, frozen lakes, and the Eisenhower Bridge. We watched the snow melt create beautiful waterfalls on the sides of the road, chased trains across the Colorado plains. Our eyes wandered across the ever-changing landscapes. We danced around the ideas of owning land here too, but then we decided there are still too many people. So we watched, enjoyed and soaked it all in as we approached the Wyoming border.

It was late by that time so we made a quick stop in the Rawlins Wal-mart to catch a little sleep. The wind started really early the morning and it was blowing so bad that we could no longer sleep through the noise and the rocking so by 8am we were off again. First a quick stop for coffee and gas then off to see what Wyoming has to offer. Only 8 more hours til we are home…..I can almost taste it. We drove through big open fields and plains where the sky seems bigger than the earth around you. The landscaped stayed the same until we reached the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Right before we made the climb into the mountains we stopped at a little town near the Wind River. It was similar to West Yellowstone, completely prepared for the average summer tourist. We made a quick stop at their local coffee shop and it was absolutely delicious. The 189 into Jackson was no joke as we quickly climbed elevation. Snow started to appear on the sides of the road and then before we knew it there was five feet of snow on the sides on the roads. The clouds got darker and then the snow just started coming down. We just had to laugh…… and of course get out of Dessa to take some pictures. We were getting closer!!!!

We made it safely through that pass and went right through Jackson and up another crazy steep climb that would take us into Idaho. (We have to go through Idaho and then up to Montana, the long way, because the South entrance to Yellowstone is still closed.) We laughed because we knew that none of these hills would have been possible in Destiny. Even Dessa was slow to climb but she made it. From here we ran through potato field after potato field. Our excitement was uncontainable. We couldn’t decide if we should spend the night down here in Idaho or just make the last two-hour journey to West. Our hearts beat out our logic and the next thing you know, we were climbing up the Targhee Pass only miles from home.

It was cold but we rolled the windows down, breathed in the fresh air and smiled bigger than we had in months. We parked Odessa and ran over to the Slippery Otter to surprise our friends. We spent the whole night catching up with them!!!! Ahhhh….. this is good, this is home.

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