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We drove from Colorado Springs north to Denver. We had planned to meet up with one of my old mentors who now lives there with her husband and children. As we made the trek I tried to remember the last time I saw Donna. It was at least ten years ago, if not more. There is always a nervous excitement when seeing someone you have not seen in forever. She was so kind to us with an extra guest room ready, hot showers, a washer and dryer and an amazing dinner! It was so fun to catch up and spend some time with her family. It is crazy to think that the last time we saw each other neither of us were married and she didn’t have any kids. It was a whole lifetime ago! I love this part of our life, getting to meet people in their environments and catching up after years. We are so blessed by stops like this one.

After a full nights rest we left the next morning to head off on another adventure. We were not exactly in the mood to hit up downtown Denver with all of the traffic so we decided instead to head up to Boulder to meet up with another friend we haven’t seen in a decade, Kelsey. We took the long way there and accidentally ended up in some mountain range with crazy turns and steep roads. At one point we were even in the middle of a crazy snow storm. It was an hour and half detour through the Golden Gate Canyon State Park, but we were so happy for the two lane roads out in the middle of no where. We are still feeling the need for nature and quiet after spending all that time in California and New Mexico; in cities with freeways. When we got up to Boulder we hid out at an amazing little city park until Kelsey got off work. From there she took us to Avery Brewing Company. It was full of great food and great beer. We got to take a little tour of their operation. After that we hung out her house for a little bit before heading back to Denver for another night at Walmart. We are so thankful for her taking the time to spend with us! It was so great to see her.

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