Camping in the Colorado Forest

In our continued effort to find peace and quiet for a few days we used to find a free place to stay outside of the city. We were a little bit surprised at the size of Colorado Springs. I had always imagined it as a small little town. It is definitely now a sprawling city. It is beautiful, but I am sure I would have loved it more 50 years ago haha!

We drove out past Manitou Springs and Woodland Park to find a secluded spot out in the National Forest. We had Pike’s Peak for a view as well as a slow moving creek. Jordan found a little beaver family and the birds were happily singing songs of Spring. It was exactly what we were looking for.

it was Easter Sunday and we were out there enjoying some of God’s finest works. Ever grateful for the gift He gave us so many years ago through His Son and life ever lasting. Nothing reminds me more of all the God has done for us than being right in the midst of his creation. This heart is humbled and thankful.

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