Trinidad, CO

From New Mexico we decided to head straight to Colorado. We have been so anxious to get to this state, but it just wasn’t possible in Destiny. As we entered through little valley passes we would see signs of historic landmarks so Jordan would google them and would read about all the crazy battles that happened all along this northern part of New Mexico. From there the road flattened out and became rather boring, until we got closer to Colorado! We drove up through the Raton Pass and the second we reached the peak and entered Colorado EVERYTHING changed. It was like a whole other world! Instantly we were in love with this new state! There were trees everywhere and the scenery went from dry desert to a thick and lush forest. It was absolutely breath-taking to be a part of the transition of the two states.

We still had a couple of hours of daylight left so we spotted a sign for a lake and decided to be spontaneous and find it. We were the only ones there and stepped out into the cool and crisp air. Our lungs breathed deep, fresh mountainous air full of oxygen. Aww, now this is what we live for. We headed down to the shore to listen to the water lap onto the shore. It was peaceful. And then we looked up into the western sky and my breath was taken away. There they were…. oh my gosh.. there they are. The infamous Colorado Rockies, freshly snow-covered and gleaming with sunlight beams. This has to be one of the most break taking, humbling pieces of nature that I have ever seen so far on our travels. We sat quietly, soaking up the silence and the sounds of the earth all natural. No more cars, no more electricity buzzing. Just birds, and water, and wind, and earth. This is perfect.

With Easter on our minds (it’s tomorrow) Jordan built three crosses with the slate type rock that lay there on the shore. A perfect reminder for us. We walked back to the motor home and made some coffee to watch the sun set over these mountains and lake.

After our souls were filled, we drove to a pretty awesome family owned tavern to watch the Kings play some hockey. We met some amazing and friendly people. Trinidad is a funky little town but I am so glad that we were able to visit. We are off to bed. Tomorrow we go to Colorado Springs!

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