Goodbye Albuquerque, Hello Santa Fe

We woke up on the morning of the 2nd to the sweet little voices of Em and Sophie. The next few hours we spent playing and soaking up the moments with them before we had to hit the road. There are always mixed emotions on departure days for us. We are always leaving something behind and saying “see ya later” to someone we love. But on the other hand we are setting off on a new adventure with brand new experiences. So it is always a little “Happy, Sad.”

We are so grateful for our unexpected season of rest and the opportunity to spend some time with people who we dearly love, but we are definitely ready for the road. We are going to cruise up north through the rest of New Mexico and finally to Colorado before heading through Wyoming and then landing in Montana!!! With Destiny we were unable to drive a lot of places because of our tiny engine. We feel much more confident in Odessa and are so excited for all of the new places we will get to see!!!

After leaving Albuquerque we made it a whole 40 miles!!! Tough day of driving, haha! We made our first stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It has been a city I have wanted to see since I was young (mostly because of a movie!). It definitely was not what I was expecting but we had a great time. We went to an awesome place called Marble Brewery the first night and drove around looking for other things to do. I didn’t do much planning this trip, we wanted to have the freedom to do whatever we wanted! After that we went on a little scouting mission to find stuff to do the next day after we got our chores done.

The following morning we got an oil change and got our propane filled up before heading to the downtown area we found the night before. We were so lucky because on this Saturday they were having a little market going on in the town square. It wasn’t a farmer’s market with fresh fruits and veggies but a craftsman show! There were so many beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry and one of a kind art pieces. We stopped in at a local spot with a roof top balcony over-looking the square. It was called the Brew Station. They featured all of New Mexico’s local brews. We enjoyed the evening wandering around the town, looking in little shops. We ended our evening with a coffee and a little more strolling.

Well that is it for now!

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