House Sitting

For our last week here in Albuquerque we are house sitting for our friends Danny and Abby. They are taking their kids to Florida to visit family and of course Disneyworld. We are growing so excited to get back on the road here in just five days!

But we have a few things to get done here first. We volunteered to help D & A with some projects around the house since we had the extra time and they have such full schedules between work and the kids. So Jordan and I played “house” for the week and fixed some things up. We put in a new toilet, fixed the other toilet, built two fences, and fixed a lighting fixture in the garage. We actually had a great time doing these little projects and very much enjoyed their FAST internet and cable tv! Even with the chores it felt like a vacation and we loved every minute of it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will go pick up Odessa on the 30th and move her out of our little RV spot because our lease is up! And then we are back on the road on April 2nd!

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