The 500 Mile Drive

As our time is drawing to a close here we are starting to get things in order for our trip up North. After a lot of thinking we have decided to sell the Jetta in our last week here. It has been nice having a car and leaving the motor home parked, but unfortunately our car is just old!!! Jordan had bought this car years before we were together and now we have had it for six years. Our little silver is 13 years old with 174k miles. If it was not a German car I would be more inclined to keep it, but since it is, we simply can’t afford it any longer. Every repair cost almost double because of its “fancy” engineering.  Haha, although she has served us well, we are just trying to get out from under it before the repair bills catch up with us more than they already have!

It’s a sad day for us, but we just have to do it. Jordan posted it up on Craigslist and within two days we got over 100 inquiries. I guess tax return season is a great time to sell cars!!! The thing is we posted it on Craigslist about two and half weeks ago (because we it thought it would take longer) but we didn’t want to sell it until the 28th, right before we leave. People were getting crazy, asking us how they could “reserve” the car to ensure they would get it…… We have never heard of anyone being so trusting on Craigslist. One guy said he didn’t even want to look at it in person and he would give us $800 (non-refundable) in cash to hold the car. It was crazy.

On the Saturday after we posted it we met up with a lady who responded first and said she would give us a $500 non-refundable deposit if we would hold the car for her until the 28th. Good thing we are people with convictions because it could have been so easy just to take her money and never give her the car! She took it for a test drive that day and she was gone for a while. We were a little nervous (Even though we had her car and purse). Turns out she stopped at the bank to get the money. We wrote up little contracts and then were own our way in our sold car, that we still get to drive!

As the next week was passing I realized that I had forgotten the title of the car at home in our locked up shed. As I tried to figure out how we could get a duplicate I realized that the only way was going to be a 500 mile, round-trip, drive to the nearest DMV. We are lucky that our title is from Arizona, otherwise we might have been in trouble.

So Jordan and I hopped in the car and made our way across the 40 to Holbrook, AZ. The drive wasn’t bad… just a long day in the car, but I like that. We were kind of lucky because we got to pass in and out of a big storm coming across the desert. It was absolutely gorgeous. The dark, gloomy clouds racing across the sky, scattered showers, red dirt, plateaus and mesas catching just the perfect amount of sunlight peaking through the clouds. We rarely see this part of the 40 in the day time, so we were just soaking it all in. We passed by the Painted Desert which seemed so be glowing shades of purple and green that we have never seen before. It was breath taking, and I wish we would have had more time so we could go check it out. The lighting was just perfect.

The DMV actually only took us two minutes and $4.00, literally. Crazy we just spent almost four hours in the car for two minutes. But this was the only way. So we grabbed some lunch, did some stretching and then jumped back in the car for another four hours home.

Like I said though, we made the best of it. God gave us quite a show with the storm and we enjoyed spending time together. Next week, we say good-bye to our favorite little car and head for a new chapter in our lives!

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