The Hidden Gems of NM: Part Three

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With lots of spare time on our hands lately we have been trying to catch up with our friends all over the country. One of these calls happened to be one of our childhood friends, PJ. He is in the Army and is currently stationed in Hawaii. We were catching up with his life and then told him about our little stay in New Mexico. He told us that his dad lives only about 45 minutes from here. I have only met his dad once, but Jordan knew him very well since he was a child. PJ got us in touch with Pat so we could try to meet up and connect with him.

The next Sunday morning we met Pat and his wife at church in Rio Rancho. After that they treated us to lunch at a famous lil cafe here in New Mexico. It’s a funky little diner that a lot of celebrities and President’s have visited. We waited for their favorite server and enjoyed a great meal over really good conversation. Jordan hasn’t seen Pat in probably six years so they had plenty to catch up on.

We decided that since the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day that we would head up to his ranch to check it out and spend more time with them. They have an awesome property with horses, rabbits, chickens, goats and dogs. It was absolutely beautiful and their home is amazing. We got the full tour of everything and because of the recent snow we got covered in red mud!!! We spent the rest of the evening catching up and hearing stories.

We are so glad we had this opportunity to see an old friend and catch up! It just one of those gifts we received from being here in New Mexico!

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